Curriculum Resources

Our curriculum resource includes lesson plans, worksheets, and factsheets that can either be used on their own or combined with a fieldtrip to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

Expedition to Ancient Egypt

A Journey Though Ancient Egypt consists of an expeditionary field trip to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and suggested classroom studies prior to and following the museum visit. The ten days of classroom studies help you prepare for your Expedition, so that your students and chaperones will be able to derive the maximum benefit from the visit, and they will greatly enhance the museum experience. Download the curriculum

Other Resources

Explore Egyptian history with our interactive timeline

Read about the ancient Egyptian way of life in the following factsheets in our Discover Egypt page.

  • The Cat in Ancient and Modern Egypt
  • Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
  • Read, Write, and Record
  • Who was Rosetta?
  • The Making of the Mummy: A Real One


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