Special Events

Thank you to all 21 Junior Archaeologists and their families for making the summer "Night in the Afterlife" celebration a great success! After completing 7 of our workshops throughout the summer, our Junior Archaeologists were able to spend the whole night in the museum. They enjoyed ancient Egyptian themed activities all culminating in the Junior Archaeology Graduation Ceremony! Become a member today and join in on the fun.


Calling all adventurers! The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum presents its Junior Archaeologist training program for young adventurers ages 5 to 17. This program includes behind the scenes training, hands-on learning opportunities, and the most fun graduation ceremony this side of the Nile!

The Junior Archaeologist program is free with any Friend of the Museum Family Membership (How do I become a member?).

This exhibit is a continuation of Maria Butina's prior exhibit, entitled Vibrations (2007). She invites you through her artwork to take a journey where one can embark upon a visual Experience of the Source-the Divine in Self. Maria Butina is an internationally exhibited artist with exhibitions held in Prague, Split, San Jose, and Anaheim. Her art flows from her deep spirituality and mysticism. She is a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and the Traditional Martinist Order. She lives and works in Mountain View, California.


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