Weekend Workshop Series

Join us every weekend at 12:30pm for one of our featured workshops!

All Weekend Workshops are free with museum admission.

Please email info@egyptianmuseum.org or call 408.947.3635, for more information.

For Children

Museum Scavenger Hunt
4th Saturday of the Month

This activity is fun for the whole family!  Explore ancient Egypt’s fascinating view of the afterlife through our collection of human and animal mummies, canopic jars, and funerary boats and models.  Discover colorful and precious jewelry, pre dynastic pottery, glass and alabaster vessels, bronze tools, and Coptic textiles.  Answer a few questions in each gallery.  Number of participants is limited.

Artifact Handling Workshop
3rd & 5th Sunday of the Month

Join us as we bring some very special artifacts out for you to examine up close. Everyone will be able to learn about basic artifact handling and examine pieces made from different types of materials. Those who are ages 7 and up will be able to put those skills to the test and handle the artifacts themselves!

For Families
Games & Leisure in Ancient Egypt
3rd Saturday of the Month

Life was not all work and no play in ancient Egypt.  Learn how the ancient Egyptians spent their free time. Try your hand at the popular game Senet.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry
1st Sunday of the Month

Jewelry, while stylish, was more than just fashion to the ancient Egyptians. Learn about the different types of jewelry worn by the ancient Egyptians, how certain stones and styles served specific functions, and take an up close look at some of our rarely displayed pieces.

Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics
2nd Saturday of the Month

Learn the history of cosmetics in ancient Egypt. Discover how and why certain minerals were used, and how other nearby cultures influenced cosmetics in the region.

Egyptian Oils & Perfumes
2nd Sunday of the Month

Perfumes were often used in temple rituals as well as everyday life.  Discover how oils and perfumes were used in ancient Egypt and experience the scents of various types of perfumes.


5th Saturday of the Month

Learn the basics of the Egyptian written language and write your own name within a cartouche.

 For Adults

Tomb Tour

Every Saturday and Sunday 1:30 & 4:30pm

Travel back in time with a docent-led tomb tour through our composite replica. Modeled after a real Middle Kingdom-era tomb from Beni Hasan, it features passageways, an offering chamber, and a burial chamber. Join us as we share the story of Khnumhotep and his resting place.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies
1st Saturday of the Month

Egyptian mummies have fascinated people for thousands of years.  Join us as we discover how ancient rituals and modern technology have worked together to shape their stories.

Rosetta Stone
4th Sunday of the Month

Learn about one of the most important ancient Egyptian artifacts ever found, the Rosetta Stone. Join us as we discuss who was responsible for its discovery and how it is fundamental to our understanding of the Egyptian language.